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As of Sep 26, 2019

Non-FDIC Insured
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Piggy bank, break to withdraw
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Lending Club*, term commitment
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Prosper**, term commitment
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Linen Cash, withdraw anytime
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* lendingclub.com/info/statistics-performance.action
**Historical rates, prosper.com/invest
FDIC Insured
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Savings accounts, U.S. average
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Checking accounts, U.S. average
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Digital banks or “Neobanks” avg.
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Linen Cash earns you  

* As of the time of viewing the linen.app website

Returns are generated by borrowers who secure loans with cryptocurrency collateral. Loans are overcollateralized and collateral value is monitored in real-time.

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Linen Cash works seamlessly with Linen Card to allow you to spend when you need it.

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Frequent questions

We can offer access to higher returns because we are tapping into the digital currency market, which no banks or traditional financial markets are able to. We provide the technology that makes it possible for our members to interact with lending pools like Compound on the Ethereum blockchain.

In addition, banks and financial organizations have many built-in costs, such as expensive branches, personnel, and infrastructure. They are also limited in what they can accept as collateral. For example, traditional financial institutions do not accept digital currency as collateral.
We provide access to the Compound protocol that generates yields from borrowers. Loans issued by the Compound protocol are overcollateralized (115-150% of the loan value) and are monitored for liquidations in real-time.

Funds are held on and accessible only from your mobile device. Linen never has access to your funds. We simply provide software and service to access Compound lending pools. We are neither a lender nor a borrower.

Linen Cash is a software and service developed by Linen Mobile, Inc. Linen Mobile, Inc. is not a bank and the cash or digital cash (USDC) you deposit using Linen mobile app will not be stored at a bank. Your funds are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or any other federal, state or local agency.

We secure the app with Apple Passcode, Face ID or TouchID.
Wyre Payments, Inc. is our payment processor and they handle money coming in and out of your bank account.
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