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Linen users are protected by the Safe technology. Over $35 billion in crypto assets is stored in the Safe-powered accounts.

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Secure your assets on Ethereum, Polygon and Gnosis Chain

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Free plan, pay only to create your wallet on Ethereum

Pay Ethereum transaction fees in stablecoins or ETH

Free transactions on Polygon and Gnosis Chain

Zero reported cases

of assets being

Sovereign Mode or assisted wallet recovery 

Use Sovereign Mode and 3rd party interfaces to access your Linen Wallet and manage your crypto.

Powered by Safe

Safe is the most trusted self-custody technology with over $35b of crypto assets secured.


How does Linen secure my assets?


Linen is a wallet that uses Safe smart contracts as its core. The same custody solution that protects over $35b worth of crypto assets for the large crypto asset holders. In the current implementation Linen users protect their assets with 3 private keys and 2 of 3 keys are required to access the wallet. You lose one? You can still access your wallet. Someone steals one? They still can't access it. This is what makes Linen unique. Check of this article to learn more about Linen wallet security.

How is the Linen app protected?


We are serious about wallet security. Initial wallet setup is the following and requires up to 5 factors of authentication (5FA):

Email verification
Phone number verification
Saving 1 of 3 keys to your cloud drive
Phone operating system passcode and biometry (Face ID, Touch ID, fingerprint)
Linen Wallet app 6 digit passcode

Once you are past the initial wallet app set up, you will need 3 factors of authentication (3FA) to make transactions using the Linen app:

Phone operating system passcode and biometry (Face ID, Touch ID, fingerprint)
Linen app 6 digit passcode
Access to the key stored in your cloud drive

Can Linen suspend withdrawals?
What if Linen is not in the App Store anymore?


Linen is a user self-custody multi-key wallet. It means that the company behind Linen does not store any asset or have the 2 required keys to access user assets. In the current implementation users on iOS (coming soon on Android) have access to 2 of the 3 keys required to access their wallet and make transactions. Suppose the app is not available in App Store or Google Play. In that case, users can access Linen wallet via third party interfaces like the Safe or others. We call this a Sovereign Mode. Here is an instruction on how to access Linen wallet from third-party interfaces.

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