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Launching Community Program

Community Program is now open for existing and new members

We are excited to announce that Linen App is launching a Community Program for our waitlist participants, private beta testers, new members* and Ambassadors. The Community Program is administered the Republic portal which is registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a funding portal (Portal) and is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). We want to thank our early members and welcome new ones.

Our journey

We are launching Linen App now because we saw a knowledge gap between the tech and finance savvy who earn high yield on their cash using stablecoins and the others who do not know how to use blockchain-based technologies. This provided us an opportunity to create Linen App a user-friendly mobile app that provides access to interest generating liquidity pools like Compound on the Ethereum blockchain. Our app allows the average person to take advantage of these new possibilities.

Where we are today, and where we’re going:

2,500+ waitlist participants

Dozens of invite-only members helping us make Linen App better by providing feedback

Democratizing access to earning interest for people who have never heard of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and are not users of crypto

We will continue running invite-only access to Linen App and gradually move people off the waitlist

Why is Linen App running a Community Program for its members?

We believe that together we can grow faster! Acquiring first 100,000 users and building trust in consumer fintech is no small task. You, our community, are why we are launching Linen App.

The waitlist for the Linen App Community Program is open now, and users can start participating early December 2019. All existing Linen App waitlist participants will be notified when the Community Program goes live on the Republic portal – no need for additional sign up.  

* We dislike the term users because our members are more than that. They are a part of our Linen App Community.