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The Linen App Rewards Program Is Live

Claim your Rewards before they run out

Linen App’s Rewards program is now live! Up to $300,000 worth of future equity in Linen Mobile, Inc., the developer of Linen App, is allocated to thank our early supporters. To be eligible, you must download Linen App from the App Store or Google Play, complete full registration, and claim Rewards on

Once this Rewards campaign ends with the allocation of the $300,000, you will be issued a security according to the terms and conditions of the campaign. No strings attached as your participation is already a contribution.

This Rewards program is our first effort to give back to those who want to use Linen App and help us grow our community. Read our blog post to find out how Linen App and you, our community, will benefit from the Rewards program.

We are working tirelessly to open Linen App for early members. Invite your friends to earn additional Rewards until we allocate the $300,000 Rewards pool.

For more details on participating in our Rewards program, please refer to

 * We dislike the term users because our members are more than that. They are a part of our Linen App Community.