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Why does Linen App have a waitlist?

Before launching, we must first ensure it is safe and secure

The Linen App Team is working hard to provide a world-class experience for a new service – supplying digital cash (stablecoins) to blockchain-based liquidity pools in a user-friendly way. Because this financial services product includes multiple integrations, such as with Compound liquidity pool smart contracts, exchange and payments providers, we must take the time necessary to deliver a quality product and secure service. This includes internal bug testing and iterating.

While we would love to invite everyone to use our app immediately, the Linen App Team wants to ensure that we deliver a product that meets our members’ needs when we launch. In other words, we are not yet ready for tens of thousands of users. To be prepared, we must prioritize our feature set such that Linen App is relevant to our broad audience. We plan to add more beta testers in December.

We invited a limited number of our most active community members and supporters to test our beta product and provide feedback before the public rollout. We take their feedback seriously and have already incorporated changes based on their recommendations.

At the public launch, invites will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Currently, we have more members who want to use Linen App than we can accept at one time and provide a positive experience for everyone. We want to provide a safe product, so we are doing extensive product development and conducting comprehensive testing. To move up the waitlist and access Linen App sooner, spread the word among your friends using your in-app Invite Code.

How long is the wait?

We will keep you updated on email, Twitter, Facebook, and blog posts regarding the status of the public launch.

We also launched the Community Program, which is our way of thanking early members. For more details on participating in our Community Program, please refer to the Republic portal.

Thank you for your patience! We look forward to having you use Linen App soon.