Protect Your Crypto Assets
with a Multi-Key Wallet

Not all crypto wallets are created equal. Linen Wallet users are protected by the Safe technology used by large crypto holders. Over $35 billion in crypto assets is stored in Safe blockchain accounts.

Don’t become a victim of stolen and lost crypto assets. It is a real threat and can happen to even the most crypto-knowledgeable people.

Since its inception in 2019, users of Linen Wallet have had zero reported cases of their crypto assets being stolen.

Linen Is More Secure Than Other Wallets

Most crypto wallets are secured with just one key. Linen Wallet is protected with three keys, and two of those three are required to access your wallet. You lose one? You can still access your wallet. Someone steals one? They still can't access it. This is what makes Linen unique.

How Does It Work?

Simple Key Management

One key is stored in your cloud drive, one in your mobile device, and one recovery key is secured by Linen.

Bulletproof Security

With a smart contract, your crypto wallet is secured using three keys. You can lose one and still access your wallet. Plus, even if someone steals one of your keys, they can't access it.

Seamless Wallet Recovery

Seamlessly recover your wallet using your cloud drive, email, and phone number.

Supported Networks

More networks coming...

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The Gold Standard in Crypto Security

Linen Wallet is powered by Safe technology, the gold standard in crypto asset custody. For years, crypto funds and whales have been using it. For the first time, Linen Wallet has made the same security accessible to everyone with a simple app.

Over $35B

Assets secured as of February 15, 2022


Bug bounty program

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The Community Loves
Linen Wallet

Our users are our top priority, and they know that. That's why Linen is backed and funded by its users—more than 5,000 community members invested a total of $4.6 million in the company via Republic.

Upgrade your wallet security to multi-key and start protecting your crypto on iOS and Android

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