Illustrations: Crypto Wallets Security

Top-Level Crypto Security for Everyone

Linen Wallet is powered by Gnosis Safe’s smart contract, the gold standard in crypto security. For years, crypto funds and whales have been using it. For the first time, Linen makes that technology accessible and easy to use for everyone.


Of Assets Secured1


Bug Bounty Program

Illustrations 2: Crypto Wallets Security
Multi-Signature Security setup

No Single Point Of Failure

One key is not enough to secure your wallet. Linen Wallet uses 3 keys, 2 of which are required to make a transaction. You lose one? You can still access your wallet. Someone steals one? They still can't access it.

No Seed Phrase

Writing down or copying your seed phrase? Too much risk of hacking, phishing, and losing it. Seamlessly recover your wallet using your cloud drive, email, and phone number.

Gnosis Safe Powered

Gnosis Safe is the only multi-sig solution that passed the highest possible security standard in the industry (Formal Verification), representing the gold standard for smart contract security.1

We take security very seriously

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