No Single Point Of Failure

A seed phrase is not enough to protect your wallet. That’s why Linen multi-sig architecture secures your wallet using three keys. 2 of 3 keys are required to make a transaction — even if you lose one, you can still access your wallet.


No Need to Write Down a Seed Phrase

Writing down or copying your seed phrase? Too much risk of hacking, phishing, and losing it. Let Linen technology secure your crypto assets.

Gnosis Safe-Powered

Gnosis Safe is the only multi-sig solution that passed the highest possible security standard in the industry (Formal Verification), representing the gold standard for smart contract security.


Easily Recover Your Wallet

You’ve lost your mobile device? Had to reinstall the Linen app? Regaining access to your Wallet is easy thanks to the recovery kit.

We take security very seriously

Discover more about Linen Security Model in our learn section